Trois Pommes Vertes




Day 26: Which character would you most want to meet IRL and why?

I am guessing this means other than the Doctor.

Jamie McCrimmon. From what I have watched of his character so far, I think he would be a great friend. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the classic series, Jamie was a companion to the 2nd Doctor. The Doctor picked him up in 18th Century Scotland where he was fighting redcoats. He was an extremely loyal companion and fought whenever the situation called for it. He also reminded me of Captain Jack in the sense that he seems to be flirting quite a bit. I bet he would have no problem at all getting along with our current Scottish companion, Amy. I also love way he reacted to seeing an airplane for the first time. “It’s a flying beastie!”

The last time we heard his name was actually in a David Tennant episode called “Tooth and Claw”. When the Doctor is asked for his name he says it is “James McCrimmon.” 

I want to watch Doctor Who Classic! But I can’t find it anywhere.